Anna Gamble

Revitalising Islington

Waterloo business park site is located in Islington, Christchurch and has a 150 year history as a meat works before being redeveloped into the industrial estate in 2017. The redesign of Waterloo Business park to Islington Central creates a hub for Islington where residents can work, live and play. The industrial estate has already brought additional jobs to the area. By repurposing the old freezing works into a mixed-use precinct it will diversify the business park and incorporate housing, recreation and retail. Islington Central is designed with public transport, micro transport, and walkability in mind. This aims to put these modes of transport as a priority over cars. The extensive network of pathways throughout the design connects all areas of the site creating a central park network that connects to the neighboring residential and rural areas. Islington Central will greatly enhance the Islington area and enrich the community through broader availability of facilities and opportunities for residents.