Eve Wan

The centre reborn: Bringing new vitality to Prebbleton

Prebbleton is a small town located in the Selwyn district on the outskirts of the southwestern part of Christchurch, it is the center of one of the richest agricultural districts in Selwyn. Furthermore,it is well placed to be Lincoln's gateway to the city center and is only about 2 kilometers from Hornby, which also adjacent to Halswell and Rolleston. Due to the lack of vitality in the town center, there is no public land that serves the public, and Prebbleton also lacks a local identity. In addition, most of the land of the existing Meadow mushroom factory is wasted, therefore this project aims to repurpose the existing factory to create an eco-community area with recreational in Prebbleton. There will provide people a place for activities and gatherings to increase the interaction between humans and nature, thereby enhancing the vitality of the community. A series of themed activities on contact between people and nature encourages people to get on a tour of health and wellness, which also enhances the identity of Prebbleton. Aiming to sustainable development and improving ecological quality through well-connected green infrastructures, and ultimately achieve the harmonious coexistence of humans and nature.