James Eggers

Reconnecting with the Land

INVITATION TO EXPLORE Ashley Dene farm is a short 10-minute drive from Lincoln University in the Selwyn District, south of Christchurch. This project aims to make the farm a global leader in multi-functional agricultural development within a peri-urban setting and is guided the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The design focusses on four main areas: 1. Increasing the resilience of the farming system and local community. 2. Improving the wellbeing of animals and the environment. 3. Diversification of products, services and income streams. 4. Developing a farm that is relevant to both urban and rural communities. Key design interventions include a café with panoramic views across the rural landscape; a semi-submerged, multipurpose function centre, sitting in the land; public cycleway; accommodation; stormwater retention system; alternative energy production; regenerative farming practices; vegetation inspired by Canterbury's iconic braided rivers; greenhouses; stock shelters; incorporation of digital technologies and QR codes; and a heritage bush walk to the historic Ashley Dene cemetery. Come explore your country and reconnect with the land!