Jeremy Goh

The Gatherings at Arthurs Point Home Away From Home

Designed to address the pressure of Queenstown's high tourist volume, high cost of living, overwhelming of public infrastructure and roads, leading to the increased cost of living, purchase and rental of housing. The Gathering at Arthurs Point was designed to relieve the issues affecting Queenstown; for the people most affected by the issues as mentioned above. 'To become a home for the transient community of Queenstown and an escape from the hustle and bustle of the adventure capital and operate as an exemplar of a closely-knit community encompassed by nature to reflect a slower, closer and more affordable pace of life' From a masterplan perspective, the project proposes improvements to transportation routes, public infrastructure, improvements to the blue network within Arthurs Point to harvest and cleanse water using the existing contours of the site and to revegetate the site with natives cleared to make way for the development of this Arthurs Point