Nicole Tune

Christchurch City: Urban Wilderness

Christchurch has been called the English city, the garden city and even the earthquake city, but now is the opportunity for Christchurch to evolve and redefine what it actually means to be a city. Focusing on the experience of people, the new city looks to draw inspiration from Christchurch’s gothic revival design history through the creation of a carless island. Inside the island a striking core creates a unique and mystical experience away from the usual routines of the wider city. A constructed wetland introduces cultural and recreational values of water into the city, while providing ecological habitat and flood management. Christchurch's rich design history permeates the vision of the future city, allowing the new island core to develop Christchurch's new identity. One that learns from its past for a stronger future. The island core challenges the meaning of what we currently call urban, no longer a city dominated by urban or by wilderness but a place where they both live in harmony.