Sam England

Otematata Revival

Otematata is a small township located in the South Island of New Zealand within the Waitaki district. The township was constructed for the purpose of hydro construction of the Benmore and Aviemore dams. This saw Otematata peak in the 1960s with over 4000 permanent residence which has now severely diminished to just 186. The Otematata township is a township that is declining rapidly in permanent residence however has a large following of summer tourists with over 5000 campers and holiday homeowners in the summer months. With a declining population that consists of an elder generation, Otematata requires forward-thinking innovations to not only accommodate for increasing tourism numbers but to entice that of permanent residence back into the township itself. A balance is required within the township to rejuvenate wildlife habitats in company with tourist attractions to create opportunities for specific jobs and existing local businesses. By achieving this will create a resilient local economy from tourism benefits and local resources that will in turn supply a sustainable township for permanent living.