Xinfei Wang

Modern Cemetery Re-imagined (Halswell Quarry)

The existing cemetery in Christchurch currently has many issues, such as inadequate capacity, scarce land available for new cemetery areas, lack of economic return and insufficient maintenance, not environmentally sustainable, and single function. Therefore, it is necessary to find new suitable space and explore a modern design approach for new cemeteries to alleviate these issues. What if we can combine the cemetery and urban open green space? The open green space could provide low-cost space and multi-use potential for cemetery, and sustainable cemetery could help open green space increase heritage value and achieve ecological restoration. In this way, they can also get enough money from city council and relatives of the deceased to support operation and maintenance, and further achieve the common development. The project did some analysis and evaluation and finally take Halswell Quarry as as an exemplar. It aims to realise the common development of heritage, ecology, and open green space and find a way that make the dead benefits to the earth, complete life-cycle, and let their stories pass on. With the design, new cemetery in Halswell Quarry will provide a peaceful and beautiful place to citizens and create connectivity among the past, present, and future.