Yue Li

Toward Vibrant and Livable Addington

Addington, which is the inner-city suburb with a mix of medium-density housing, retail, business and light industrial properties, forms a linear centre spreading along the Lincoln Road. It is located approximately 2.5 km southwest of the Christchurch City Centre. This is an important place that connects CBD and other outer suburbs, also adjacent to Hagley Park and Tower Junction. Addington used to be a prosperous town because of the railway workshop and related industrial development. However, as the railway workshop closed in 1980, the economy began to decline. Since the earthquake, Addington has flourished with the cafes, bars and restaurants settle in from the heavily damaged city centre. Due to the regeneration project of CBD, lots of services and resident are moving back to the city centre. Nowadays, although Addington is rapidly developing and changing, it is not yet a neighbourhood for creating ‘people-friendly and sense of place’. This project aims to revive Addington to be a vibrant and inviting mixed-use urban centre that builds upon the transit, creativity and community, also a livable place to live, work and play, providing a sense of belonging.